As a child in Iowa my interest in vegetable gardening was fostered by my Mother and Grandmother.  Even though we lived in town, our side lot gave room for my sister and I to have our own private gardens along side my Mother's family garden.  This instillation remained with me through adulthood.  I knew about annual flowers, but perennial flowers struck my interest about 1995, and I have been hooked since.  Yes, they are my garden pictures.  I'll tell you if I didn't grow them.  I especially like peonies of all types--ever see a yellow one?  In 2002 I won the grand champion, "best in show", blue ribbon with "Bartzella", an intersectional hybrid, at the American Peony Society 97th National Convention at Madison, Wisconsin.  Since this competition is for any peony grower in North America, including commercial growers, I was very surprised to win this ribbon as a novice exhibitor.

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